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Jan was interested in rebranding his practice, with the intention to develop an innovative and up-to-date identity for Rejuvanology, representative of the non-invasive therapies and treatments on offer. I presented my client with several re-branding options, our chosen direction being this cool toned teal theme, reflective of the pure and holistic nature of the practice. I successfully developed a range of marketing collateral for Rejuvanology, including a new logo design, business cards, brochures, price lists and bottle labels.

The logo I created portrays a water drop alongside ripples created around it. The idea for this developed from the natural approach to healing Rejuvanology offers, and to me nothing symbolised this pure characteristic more than water. I created this logo by hand, later using photoshop to refine the final design. In addition, the overlapping rings displayed on the logo and brochure cover display the chemical structure of Hydrogen, a popular therapy offered at Rejuvanology that I wanted to experiment with incorporating into the brands new identity.

The teal colour scheme used complemented the overall design, creating an elegant and peaceful disposition for the practice, presenting a fresh brand approach to my client.

Logo and name.jpg
Front of leaflet.jpg
Back of leaflet.jpg
Bottles and label.jpg
Business Card.jpg
Price list.jpg
Logo - white.jpg
Logo - Blue.jpg
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