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Emilie Heathe

Emilie Heathe are a gorgeous nail polish and lifestyle brand based in New York. For the following project, I was commissioned to create beauty portraits and product illustrations for the brand of their current as well as up and coming product launches.

A mixed product flatlay of Emilie Heathe products. Created using water colour paints, black Indian ink and Photoshop.

The artwork was commissioned to be used across the brands social media platforms as well as for marketing purposes such as complimentary post cards to be included with all orders. 

Luxury Product Illustrations

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The brief for this project was to create product illustrations of Emilie Heathe products amongst other high end luxury brands. I was given several different brand examples before going off to choose both the brands and products from each that I deemed suitable to recreate. I decided on brands such as Gucci, Jaquemus, Bvlgari, Gentle Monster and more as well as deciding on a side table setting to display the products on. 

Through my style I was able to create bold and stylish artwork that possessed both realistic and artsy qualities through a unique and fluid look. The incorporation of other luxury brands allowed me to bring some contrast to the final pieces illustrated, adding a good amount of variation in colour and design as shown in the luxury mixed product flat lay below.
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