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Makeup Museum New York | Pink Jungle - Makeup in 1950's America Exhibition Poster


A very exciting project where I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with leading fashion and celebrity make-up artist Rachel Goodwin for the launch of The Makeup Museums opening exhibition 'Pink Jungle - 1950's Makeup in America'. Through a bold, painterly and traditional fashion illustration inspired style, I was able to bring Rachel's vision to life. Taking inspiration from the strong red lip and obviously made-up yet elegant eyes of the many leading ladies of that era. 

(Final Exhibition Poster Design)

Alternative Design Options


Through the use of chalky pastels, I was able to create a font that added a fun yet glamorous touch to the final poster design,  mimicking being hand-written in red lipstick bringing further emphasis to the popularity of the classic red lip at the time. As an alternative option, I also created a bold and painterly styled text using ink.


The brief for this project was to create a bold yet minimal poster design that was expressive of the make up style in the 1950's.

My response to this was to create not only an illustration but also font options for the poster that emphasised the style of that era well.


Referencing the classic winged liner of the 1950's using black Indian ink.

Peacock feather illustrations created using black Indian ink and water colour paints. 

I created multiple illustrations of different bird feathers and features in order to find the perfect fit for the final poster design. The final feather illustrations used had a fluffy and fanned out look and were simple in terms of colour and design, keeping in line with the bold and minimal design instructions set out in the brief. 

Poster Drafts

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