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Syrian Refugee Crisis | Mural Project

For my final Art Foundation Project, I chose to experiment with working on a larger scale by creating several mural designs with focus on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. By using acrylic paints and working on canvas I was able to create three bold, contrasting images depicting different aspects of the crisis in Syria. The first painting features a young Syrian boy with the Syrian flag painted on his face. I changed the colours painted on the child’s face to the colours of the Free Syrian Army flag, swapping the red band at the top of the flag for green and the stars for red. The second painting focused on the war through the eyes of a Syrian woman, communicating an intense sense of fear and sadness. The final image I chose to paint was that of the infamous Syrian President Bashar Al Asad. The final canvas paintings were featured in an end of year exhibition and were also used as designs for merchandise including T-shirt and poster designs.

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